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RADO DAYLIGHT FLUORESCENT PIGMENTS possess outstanding brilliance, strength & clean shades. We offer over 24 eyecatching shades in our Premium SR Conc & VX Conc series & are prepared to match any other shade as per customer requirements. We offer a range of products with properties depending upon the application, as given hereunder :
SR Conc Series: Thermosetting type of high strength pigments with fine particle size, used for solvent/ water based paints, inks, paper coatings, textiles, plastisols, crayons, plastics etc applications.
VX Conc Series: Brilliant high strength series with very fine particle-size used for textile-printing, oil/water-based paints/ paper coatings,etc applications.
2000 Series: Inexpensive range of low melting pigments with lesser strength/ lightfastness/ heat resistance etc. For use in idol painting, poster-colours, paints, etc applications.
PL Series: Thermoplastic polyester based, formaldehyde- free, high strength colours, with good heat resistance, which meltblend in plastics. These are Fluorescent Pigments specially made for plastics application ( except P.V.C. Calendering).
HTR Series: Thermoplastic polyamide based, formaldehyde-free, premium high strength colours, with excellent heat resistance, brillance and low mould plateout, which meltblend in plastics.
TN Series: Very High Strength, Thermoplastic, Daylight Fluorescent powder colours which dissolve completely in certain organic solvents/ solvent combinations. These are specially developed for Flexo, Gravure, Marker Pens, Aerosol Paints etc. applications, where these dry quickly to give smooth, tackless, glossy films.
WARRANTY: The data furnished herein is considered reliable but without guarantee. As conditions & methods of use of our products are beyond our control, the suitability must be specifically checked before applying on a commercial scale.
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